How To Avoid Major Sign And Banner Fails

Commercial signs and banners are designed to draw customers to your business, but sign and banner fails can do just the opposite. There are a variety of ways you can fail at sign and banner design and creation. Each will repel customers from your business like it was on fire. It might even make your business go viral, but in a bad way. Watch Your Grammar and Spelling Signs and banners with poor grammar and spelling immediately sends one message to your customers: a lack of care and attention. Read More 

Making A Banner For A Parade

If you are a scout leader, you most likely have your group participate in several parades during the year. Scouting groups are usually prominent in the town and will hold a place in local parades to show their pride and dedication to the community. When marching in a parade, it is important to get the word out as to which group you are representing. The uniforms will give a clue, but when walking they are sometimes overlooked, and a banner might be a better idea so townspeople will be able to see who your group is as you are walking by. Read More