How To Avoid Major Sign And Banner Fails

Commercial signs and banners are designed to draw customers to your business, but sign and banner fails can do just the opposite. There are a variety of ways you can fail at sign and banner design and creation. Each will repel customers from your business like it was on fire. It might even make your business go viral, but in a bad way.

Watch Your Grammar and Spelling

Signs and banners with poor grammar and spelling immediately sends one message to your customers: a lack of care and attention. Poor grammar and spelling on a sign looks sloppy and poorly thought out. If you can't even bother to take 10 minutes to spell check "exception" (on a sign discussing your use of English), how good could your service possibly be? Make sure to check your sign or banner long before you print it to ensure there are no basic grammar or spelling errors. This will help you avoid running into annoying problems that require an expensive reprint.

Don't Over Explain the Obvious

Avoid the temptation to explain too much when creating your banner or sign. This is especially true of signs in your business. For example, this bathroom sign at Michigan Tech University dwells, in excruciating detail, on how to use a bathroom.

Signs that over explain are comical to most people and are designed to get your sign posted online, with a variety of mocking comments posted underneath. Beyond the negative publicity, signs like that insult the intelligence of your customers by assuming they'll behave in ridiculous and destructive manners. And do you think an insulted customer will come back to your business? Of course not.

Pay Attention to Location

Location is one of the most important aspects of business success and it's just as important when placing your signs, banners, and ads. Improper placing can be hard to notice sometimes: after all, background signs can sometimes interact with yours in a way that is hard to predict.

Beyond issues like that, you should also avoid ironic contrasts, such as a playground road sign near a cemetery. Contrasts such as this are what get your signs and banners posted online, mocking your business, not celebrating it. Just imagine your sign from every possible angle, literally walking past where it will be posted on the street and staring up at it from different angles to ensure its not ridiculously located.

Keep these tips in mind when designing and placing your next group of signs and banners. If you're still worried about making a mistake, talk to a banner and sign design group. They can help you create a sign you can be proud to display.For more information, check out companies such as Mission Signs.