Announce Your Baby’s Arrival

3 Ways Small Businesses Can Advertise On A Budget

Small businesses are in a touchy spot. They need to get their name out there to build up their customer base, but they often don’t have the marketing budget to do a lot of traditional advertising. So when commercials and other big budget items are out, what can businesses do? The reality is that there […]

Make A Unique Shop Window Sign

If you are the owner of a craft store, consider adding a little flair to your front door by adding a handmade sign. People enjoy seeing a bit of creativity when going to an establishment, and an open/closed sign can be made out of materials you have available around your store. Here are some instructions […]

Making A Banner For A Parade

If you are a scout leader, you most likely have your group participate in several parades during the year. Scouting groups are usually prominent in the town and will hold a place in local parades to show their pride and dedication to the community. When marching in a parade, it is important to get the […]