5 Marketing Tips for Your First Political Campaign

So, you've decided to throw your hat in the ring and run for local political office. While your ideas and policy positions are very important, it's also important to get your name out there in order to engage voters and greatly improve your chances of winning. Here are four easy-to-implement political campaign marketing tips: Have an Authentic Narrative Voters are tired of hard sells and clichés. Instead of relying on those old standbys, turn your life story and policy ideas into a compelling narrative. Read More 

4 Reasons to Choose a Mesh Vinyl Banner When Marketing Your Business

Advertising is essential when it comes to running a successful business. Potential customers need to know what your company has to offer and vinyl banners can be a very affordable way to market your business to the masses. There are many different options available when it comes to vinyl banners; read more below about a few reasons why a mesh vinyl banner may be the best option for your business. Won't Blow in the Wind Read More 

3 Ways Small Businesses Can Advertise On A Budget

Small businesses are in a touchy spot. They need to get their name out there to build up their customer base, but they often don't have the marketing budget to do a lot of traditional advertising. So when commercials and other big budget items are out, what can businesses do? The reality is that there are a lot of things that small businesses can do without blowing the budget. Inform Your Potential Customers Read More 

How to Choosing the Right Menu Board for Your Restaurant

A lighted menu sign is a must-have item in any quick-service restaurant or cafe. Not only does it help your customers make a selection, it encourages upselling when your entire menu is easily visible and stands out. Choosing the best sign and maintaining it properly are the keys for a successful menu and advertising campaign. Fixed Menus The type of sign depends on your product rotation and prices. Restaurants that rarely adjust prices or rotate out offerings can easily use a fixed menu board. Read More 

Make A Unique Shop Window Sign

If you are the owner of a craft store, consider adding a little flair to your front door by adding a handmade sign. People enjoy seeing a bit of creativity when going to an establishment, and an open/closed sign can be made out of materials you have available around your store. Here are some instructions you can use to make your very own store window sign. Start With The Base Read More