Keys To Buying Realtor Sign Frames

If you're a Realtor and put out a bunch of signs to promote your business, you'll need frames to hold them in place. There are many options, but you'll have an easier time finding the right set by keeping this advice in mind.

Get the Right Size

So that the frames work out perfectly for your Realtor signs, you need to get the right size. This doesn't have to be very difficult. You'll just need take time to analyze the dimensions of your Realtor signs.

Measure them by hand and make sure you're extremely accurate. You can then take these figures and see exactly what size your Realtor sign frames need to be. Being this careful will ensure the sign frames you order fit over the signs perfectly with no extra room being left over. Then your signs will be fully protected.

Look For a Protective Coat

Since the Realtor sign frames will be left outside, you need to make sure they're capable of holding up in extreme elements. Otherwise, your frames will start breaking down quickly and then you'll have to find replacements and spend more money.

You can feel better about the frames' outside durability by making sure they have a protective coat. It's like an invisible barrier that will keep the frames structurally sound. The frames also won't be able to rust even when exposed to wet conditions for an extended period of time. That's very important for humid areas.

Make Sure the Base Is Sturdy

An important component of Realtor sign frames is the base at the bottom. This is what you'll be driving into the ground, so you need to make sure it's sturdy as to withstand the force and impact it receives when being set up.

When it comes to Realtor frame bases, two legs are much better than one. You'll be able to evenly distribute the frame's weight in the ground, preventing it from toppling over. 

It also helps when the frame's base has sharp points on the end. You can then easily put the frame deep in the ground for added stability.

Frames are pivotal structures for Realtor signs today both in terms of installation and protection. The options are pretty vast, but you should have no trouble finding an optimal set by performing research and knowing what features to look for. This calculated approach can help you make the perfect selection with ease. 

Contact a Realtor sign frame supplier for more information.