Choosing A Custom Headstone For Your Loved One: What To Consider

A headstone is the lasting tribute to your loved one's memory, and choosing a custom granite headstone offers a touching way to remember him or her. As you look at the different options available, here are a few things to take into consideration.

Custom Images

With a large headstone, there may be space for adding custom images that reflect different aspects of your loved one's life. For a religious person, this might include a cross, angel, or the Bible etched into the face of the stone. You might want to add a depiction of a tree or flowers for someone who loved nature. You can also find inspiration in your loved one's hobbies, such as vintage cars or bird-watching. Work with your monument company to create a design that can be added to the front or the back of the headstone.

Custom Shapes

Headstones don't have to be square or rectangular. You can have a custom headstone built in virtually any shape. A small obelisk provides ample space for adding quotes, psalms or song lyrics, while heart-shaped headstones can be perfect for a couple buried side-by-side. You can even get more creative with a headstone shaped like an angel as a way to welcome your loved one into the great beyond. Be sure to check with the cemetery before ordering a custom shape, as there may be some restrictions on size or shape. Your monument company can help you find the right design that still complies with any cemetery restrictions.

Custom Colors

Monument companies can also create custom colors for your loved one's headstone. You can choose a more traditional gray, black, or pink to creates a classic look, but you can also opt for a deep blue, rich purple or other hue that reflects your loved one's personality. If your relative had a favorite color, consider incorporating it into the custom headstone design. For a more subtle look, you can ask your monument company to add a single stripe of color across the front of the headstone. This introduces color while still keeping with more traditional marker designs.

Talk to your monument company about other customization options that might be available. Integrated vases, monument benches, and custom urn headstones are all possible options to consider. Once you have selected the right custom granite headstone design, partner with the cemetery to ensure proper placement and positioning at the cemetery plot.