3 Tips to Remember for Your Business’s Exterior Sign

The sign for your business is not just a way to label the building. It can be a way to attract customers. When potential customers see your sign, they might be driven to walk into the business and purchase something. Since the sign is part of your advertising, it is important to design the right one for your business. Here are some tips to keep in mind during the design process.

Check Out the Competition

Before you and your designer start working on your sign, pay attention to what your competitors are doing with theirs. Make note of what is and is not working with their signs.

You can use the information gathered to determine what elements you should incorporate in your own sign. More importantly, you can learn what you should attempt to avoid.

Find the Right Location for the Sign

Although simply hanging your sign centered over your building might seem like the most logical move, there is a chance that there is a better place to hang your sign. If there is an obstruction in front of your sign, passersby might not see it. Customers could easily miss finding your business and end up at your one of your competitor's.

You want to ensure that your sign is placed where it is not obscured by other objects, such as delivery trucks. You also want to avoid placing it where elements, such as the sun, can hinder potential clients' ability to see it.

In addition to this, you need to ensure that the sign is visible around the clock. Visit your business at night to gauge what potential obstacles could obscure your sign.

Avoid Clutter

Some businesses try to fit their names, slogans, and logos all on one sign. Unfortunately for them, a cluttered sign can be challenging for passersby to read. Even if a customer is looking for the sign, they could miss the business's name on a cluttered sign.

When determining what to put on your sign, keep things simple. For instance, a sign with your business name and logo is sufficient. If you want to put your slogan on the sign, drop the logo. Remember, you only have a few seconds for passersby to read your sign's message. By keeping things simple, you are making the task simpler for potential customers.

In addition to working with your designer, consult with the sign manufacturer. The more experienced people you have working to design your sign, the more effective it will be.