Boost Your Sales With These 3 Sign Strategies

Signs are incredibly important for any retail store. Used correctly, they can do a lot to drive up your foot traffic and boost your sales. However, it's not enough just to have a sign, or just to do regular maintenance like replacing burned out lights and cleaning exterior signs. Take a look at some sign strategies that can help you get more mileage out of your store's signage.

Take a Fresh Look

If you're installing a new sign, you probably know to make the effort to put your sign in a place that's likely to catch the most eyes. But if you're an established business and your sign has been up for awhile, it's easy to miss changes that may make your sign less noticeable than it was when you first installed it. Have new businesses moved in since you've been there and put up their own signs? Have new trees been planted, or old trees grown taller that are blocking your sign? These are the kind of thing that can detract from the attention-grabbing qualities of your sign. But because these changes have happened gradually, you may not have been looking for them.

Take a walk outside and take a good look at your sign from a distance. Try to imagine what someone who's never seen it before is seeing. If your sign is now obscured by tree branches or dwarfed by surrounding signs, it may be time to move or update your sign.

Make Window Signs Work For You

Signs in your windows can do a lot to attract foot traffic, especially if they're paired with attractive window displays. You want to change both the signs and the displays with some frequency – if you have the same old things in your windows month in and month out, pedestrians that frequent your area will walk right by without noticing your windows after awhile.

Use your window signs to announce short-term sales and seasonal merchandise. That way you have to change them when the season or the sale ends. Make sure that your signs are visible, but not blocking the view of any of the merchandise on display.

Interior Signs Give Customers Directions

Interior signs are just as important as exterior signs. Sure, your customers can find a clearance rack or a gift section just by browsing, but the signs are a way of making a suggestion – your customer may not have known they were looking for a gift until they spotted the sign for the gift section.

Try to make your interior signs unique, so they don't just blend in with the décor. If you use social media, you probably know that a funny quip or an interesting image gets a lot more attention than a straightforward statement or plain text. The same is true of signs – use humor and images to grab attention and direct the foot traffic through your store.

Customized signs help reveal the personality of your business, so make sure that personality is attractive and interesting to your customers, and you'll see your sales rise as a result. For assistance, talk to a professional like A2Z Sign Company.