3 Tips for Restoring Porcelain Signs

Before the introduction of newspapers, the Internet, and television, companies often relied on signage to help market their products to the masses. Vintage signs are usually colorful and artistic, making them highly sought after as collector's items today.

Restoring and repairing vintage porcelain signs can be tricky, but here are three tips that will help you return an old sign to its former glory.

1. Use only warm water to remove dirt.

The paint that adheres to the surface of old porcelain signs can be very delicate. If the bright colors and whimsical artwork of your vintage sign are covered by layers of dirt and grime, you should rely only on warm water to remove these layers in order to keep the original paint intact.

Soaking the sign in a large tub of warm water and then using a soft cloth and a bit of elbow grease to remove caked-on dirt can restore your vintage sign to its original condition without causing any damage.

2. Remove rust stains with a pumice stone.

The metal plate that serves as the foundation for a porcelain sign can begin to rust if the sign has been exposed to the elements over time. Unless rust stains are removed from the surface of your sign, they will continue to spread and cause the body of the sign to deteriorate.

Investing in a simple pumice stone that can be purchased from a beauty supply store will help you remove any visible rust from your porcelain sign. Gently rub the rust stain with the pumice stone in a circular motion, but take care to avoid the edges of the stain where the porcelain paint is still intact. Use warm water to wash away the rust as it flakes off.

3. Polish the porcelain paint with a glass cleaner.

Porcelain signs are renowned for their glossy shine, but a sign in need of restoration and repair can have a dull appearance. You can easily shine up your old signs without compromising the integrity of the paint by using a glass cleaner.

Simply spritz a bit of the cleaner onto the surface of the porcelain paint, then use a soft cloth to buff away the glass cleaner. Your sign should have a glossy luster when you are finished buffing.

Taking the time to learn how to properly restore and repair old porcelain signs will help you better enjoy your vintage signs without compromising their value in the future.

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