Five Reasons To Use Vehicle Wrap Signs For Your Small Business

Vehicle wraps aren't just for the big name businesses anymore!  Mobile signage in the form of vehicle wraps is a growing trend.  Wrapping a car, truck or van is often referred to as "mobile marketing" and has become a popular form of advertising and signage for businesses, both large and small.  Here are five reasons to consider a vehicle wrap for your small business.

  1. You are seen by more potential customers.  You will reach more people for less cost when you advertise your business on your vehicle. You can reach people while driving or even when your vehicle is parked. Depending on your area you can get up to 70,000 impressions in a single day. 
  2. Vehicle wraps reach both local and non-local commuters.  People spend a lot of time in their vehicles each day.  Your traveling business sign can draw the attention of people that wouldn't normally see your sign or advertisement. If your advertisement catches the eye of a person that is not local, they can open up opportunities and take your information to places you wouldn't have been able to reach before.  
  3. Vehicle wraps help put small businesses on a level playing field with bigger businesses.  Small businesses don't typically have the kind of money to spend on large billboard signs, television, radio or internet advertising.  By driving or parking a vehicle advertising the business, you are more likely to draw attention from those who would otherwise not be aware of your company for an affordable amount of money.
  4. Costs are reasonable.  If you choose to wrap your vehicle with your business information, you should do your homework and get a reputable company that has experience and a good reputation.  Costs will vary, depending on many factors including the company you choose to use and the kind of wrap you want.  Wraps can cover a small amount of your vehicle or the entire thing.  Whatever option you end up choosing, vehicle wraps offer the lowest cost-per-impression of all forms of advertising.
  5. Vehicle wraps are safe for your car.  A wrap is simply a large vinyl decal attached to your vehicle. They can usually stay on your vehicle for several years and when removed won't damage your paint.  Prior to having the wrap applied, the company will examine your vehicle and have you sign off on any problem signs, such as rust, which might affect the application or removal of the vinyl.  A clean and rust free vehicle will typically not be effected in any way by the wrap.  Click here to find out more about vehicle wraps.