A Custom Backlit Booth That Is Easy To Set Up

A backlit display is a high impact display that may help you generate leads or conduct sales. Due to the many rows of vendors that you can expect to see at a trade show, having access to a custom backlit exhibit booth display will help you stand out, without needing to set up a multi-level or large-sized display.

Custom Features That Accent Your Brand

An RV show or one that caters to a specific industry or niche may persuade many locals and visitors to attend the event. There may be several vendors promoting the same products or services as you. Due to the competitive nature of a trade show, it is imperative to plan ahead and prepare an exhibit that will be representative of your brand and what you are offering.

A sign that contains backlit features may utilize a mix of light bulbs, light bars, fabric, printed graphics, and cutouts to add a pop of color to the portion of a booth that will be in eyesight of your target audience. People who do not have a lot of time to spend at a show will be able to quickly see what you are advertising and make a spur of the moment decision about whether or not they would like to step inside your booth. 

A Booth Style That Is Easy To Set Up

Some company representatives or independent salespeople may use elaborate booth designs to entice their guests. Although this practice may attract attention, it could take a long time to set up a large booth that contains many pieces. Additionally, hauling around a booth that contains complex elements could require a lot of manpower to move pieces in and out of the vehicle that will be used to transport the booth components.

A simple booth design may rely on an accordion feature. An accordion feature will allow an end user to flatten a trade show booth when it is not being utilized. The custom lighting that has been added to the back wall panel will lay flush with the rest of the wall pieces that comprise the booth.

Once the booth is dropped off at the site where it will be used as a display, the walls of the booth can be popped out and locked into place. The circuitry and wiring that the lighting devices utilize may be concealed within the back wall of a booth. This type of booth will only require the use of an external wire or extension cord to power up the lighting.